Raspberry PI 3 + Windows 10 …

Raspberry PI 3 + Windows 10 …

Goal is to make a double axe laser tower.
I have used a Raspberry Pi model 3 B, a mount & 2 servo and a couple of lasers.

I wanted to make a Windows 10 IOT version so i started to download Windows 10 IOT core dashboard but it did not succeed. I decided to use the NOOBS version from the official website. I downloaded it and put it on my SD card (Samsung EVO 16Gb). After booting, selecting Windows 10 core & a new fresh and fully functional install, i started the development part.
I downloaded project templates to create a new project (background application IOT version).
For controlling the servo, you need to change the “Default Controller Driver” of your board. You can reach the configuration from the IP of your board and the 8080 port. Go to devices menu and change the first box value to “Direct Memory Mapping”. Then through Nuget, you get Lightning IOT Framework and then grant authorizations like below.

Get the latest source code compile and run. This *should* work… I mean should because i faced many esoteric problems like blue screens during install, SEH exceptions, common exceptions, fails during debug and others.
Here is a photo of the connected wires :

Red are for +5V, brown are for ground & orange are servo commands wires.
See revision d32326821787b9741d60e89238b89885558d2a37 on Github to find a “first step” source code.
Step 2, i have plugged 5 lasers like picture below just behind a 220 ohm resistor like detailed in my DIY source.

All ground wires are plugged together and i have plugged all +5V wires on pins 24, 25, 21, 7 and 16. This allow to manipulate each laser.
You can find the updated source code under the master revision on GitHub.
Here is a video of the “first step” result :

Full source code is available on GitHub here : https://github.com/alphamax/WindowsIOT
Idea from MiniMachines : http://www.minimachines.net/actu/tour-laser-53426
Helped with this post : http://www.lafabriquediy.com/tutoriel/tour-laser-pour-chat-259/

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