NuGet, the director’s baton for Visual Studio

NuGet, the director’s baton for Visual Studio

I’am actually a .Net developer but “developer” is a stretch of language… We are now integrators as well as developers !
Microsoft feels the difference many times ago and add a new step between integrators and developers. It’s called NuGet.
I was creating a new Windows Phone application and, in my disturbed mind, i was wondering if i could create a universal “Windows Phone 7 development starter kit”. Well … After bringing me down to earth, i only installed NuGet.
What is NuGet ?
NuGet can be compared as Synaptic for an OS or MarketPlace for a device but it is for a development project. You can download a vsix file (add-in) from this page :
After downloading and installing it, you own all 2845 framework at your fingertips ! (At this time)
Now you can create a blank Windows Phone 7 project and launch NuGet.
Through an efficient windows, you can find “frameworks” on the web.

NuGet and Framework selection

When you add a new framework to your project, NuGet will install dependencies locally, in your project, add them to your project and do some helpful tasks like adding helpers and classes.
For example, with MVVMLight, it will :

  • Download references for Windows Phone 7 project
  • Add it locally (not in Program Files or other …)
  • Add references to your project
  • Automatically add the ServiceLocator class and insert it’s reference the App.xaml file
  • Automatically add the MainViewModel !
How many time did you save ? Many minutes !
It is exactly the same process for the Windows Phone 7 Toolkit. No need to download it, install it and reference it…
With this new “conception process”, you will be able to build an application more quickly and use this time gain to debug, drink a coffee or … write a paper 🙂

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